Help desk: How to register


Click on the image "Click Here Register Now" which you can find on the right top side if you want to register.

Register now 


The next page of REGISTRATION CHOICE will appear : 

  • Enduser
    • This is for all retail customers and all companies that are not involved in automotive business.
  • Garage / reseller with VAT or TAX number
    • This selection is for all companies that are officially involved in automotive business such as garages, tuners, resellers.

Click on 1 of the 2 depending on your customer level.


A form opens now

Complete the showed FORM and click on "REGISTER"

All fields with an * are mandatory

In case of :

  • Enduser
    • You may choose your OWN
      • Username :
      • Password :
    • Save this carefully
    • The next time, you can now directly sign in with your account
  • Garage / reseller with VAT or TAX number
    • KEMPOWER will now receive a request form with YOUR company data
    • First we will investigate if your request is valid for us. This can take some time, normally 48 office hours.
    • If we agree, we will create and send you a personal :
      • Username :
      • Password : 
    • If you do not sign in : you will see the retail prices ex VAT
    • If you sign in : you will see your trade prices
      • Incl. VAT for BELGIAN customers.
      • Ex. VAT for customers outside BELGIUM.

Register now

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