The company KEMPOWER motorsport NV has been founded in October 1989

The family Kempynck has been involved in cars since 1918, starting with René KEMPYNCK, Jan's grandfather, who founded his garage in Koksijde Belgium after the world war, working on the very first existing cars, being the only garage in the region at that time. In those years, there were no spare parts and he had to repair all existing parts. He was truly a pioneer in this area.

After the second world war his son, Léon KEMPYNCK, continued the mechanics in this garage. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 36 years after being seriously ill. But even in this short time, he was well known in the country as well as abroad for his excellent service, expertise and fine mechanics. In 1946, he started to mechanically tune engines with great success. He had also the skills of a very good racing driver and was asked by a factory team to drive in Le Mans. At that time, autosport was very dangerous. Therefore, his father René did not allow him to race.

Jan KEMPYNCK was only 2 years old when he lost his father. Due to the fact that he could not learn the job from his father, he was super motivated to learn everything about cars & automotive technology.
Jan first studied mechanics, then electricity and proceeded to the high school, where he graduated as "Industrial engineer in Automatisation", after which he also specialized in autotechnics and finished school at the age of 23.

But earlier on, at the age of 16 in 1971, he already developed a first electronic ignition system and helped several, renowned tuners to tune the first electronic injections. This was unique at that time, the elder tuners doing 100% mechanic tuning. Jan’s occupation in both mechanics and electronics still is very uncommon.
He was actually the first chip tuner in the world, starting by modifying the first analogue BOSCH D-jetronic ECU's, followed by the L-jectronics and the digital Motronics.

He worked several years at Bosch, expanding his knowledge on the Bosch management systems. In addition he worked a lot on dyno's to set up the cars, including doing so for a lot of renowned motorsport departments and tuners. In 1989 he decided to start up a new company, under the name KEMPOWER (KEMPYNCK & POWER). Striving for perfection, he invested highly in test facilities. He was very successful in building race engines as well as in performing road tuning. He developed race engines and cars intensively from 1989 until 1997, such being 80% of his job with 94 championship titles in 8 years. 

This experience led him to do more and more road tuning successfully, which became 90% of his job.  However, during all these years, he also had many projects in mind for developing electronics, solving many small & larger problems when you modify modern & classic cars.
In 2017, this led to the start of a new division in Kempower : KempoTronic.
After one year of research & deleopment, the production started and a new dedicated B2B webshop was launched in 2018 : www.kempotronic.com
The main focus is on developing & producing standalone electronic add-on devices enabling to take cars under control.
These devices are supplied to car professionals. 
As new devices are developed in house frequently, this webshop is updated on a weekly basis. 
Tom Kempynck, Jan’s son and the 4th generation in automechanics, has finished school in Belgium as Bachelor in “Electronics – Industiral Computer Techniques”. 
He accomplished first a Master of Science in "Automotive Product Engineering" and a second Master of Science in "Motorsport Engineering and Management", both at Cranfield University in UK with success. He is now working at Aston Martin as Project Engineer - Powertrain Calibration.
He has also the same superior race driver skills as his grandfather Léon, with more than 200 podia. 

We can state that the KEMPYNCK dynasty carries the passion for cars in its heart, while power rushes in its blood.


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