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Why is it dangerous to buy parts on the web?
Internet is a fantastic communication system. But, like all communication systems, it contains a certain risk. This is also the case for tuning.

Some people who do web shopping fall into a trap of websites where everything looks like a good deal. They start assembling tuning parts from different companies, where the pictures are beautiful and promises are high. The problem is that most items do not match together on a car and you end up going to a professional tuner and expect him to fit and tune this together. Do you expect a restaurant to grill the steak you purchased from the butcher ???

If there are problems, the customer is always the looser, because the company who sold the parts will say that it is the fault of the technician who fitted it, while the technician that fitted it, will tell you that the company has sold wrong or bad parts.

Therefore, think carefully before you buy.
The best way is to buy and let it fit by the same company or an official dealer of the same company. 
We only install parts that we sell and on which we can give warranty.

Will KEMPOWER solve my problems?
We tune only engines that are delivered to us in stock trim.

If there are some foreign tuning parts on it, we don't tune it because we cannot give any guarantee at all. We are very selective in our choice and use only parts thoroughly tested by us, which guarantees for success, thus avoiding discussions and disappointments.

Kempower is a complete tuner. This means mechanics and electronics.

Some people want or can only do the mechanical modifications and hope that Kempower will solve their problems by doing the electronics and adjusting the mechanics. Others have their car tuned by another tuner, without success and then hope that we will solve their problems.

This is NOT the way we work. We only offer full service on our own parts & work.


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