Spark Plugs

Power gain by other spark plugs?
Yes there are spark plugs that give more power than other ones. Racing plugs will give you some 5 hp more, but these plugs have cold-start problems.

Some newer type of iridium spark plugs give better results most of the time.
Some special spark plugs gives a better combustion, but you may never change the type of plugs, if there is already a chip tuning on your car.
This can create detonation, if the program has been made on maximum. If you want to put another type of spark plugs, you have to re-chip your car to these specific plugs.
For example replacing spark plugs with 3 electrodes by spark plugs with 1 electrode gives other advance knock limits.

It is important to select the right spark plug for your application. If you have raised the compression ratio on natural aspirated engines or arised the intake pressure on turbo or compressor engines, you will colder spark plugs.

The correct electrode gap always has to be controlled before putting new spark plugs in the engine. On modified engines, the correct gap has to be sorted out by the tuner. Too much gap will give the possiblity of blowing out the spark, too little will give a poor ignition strength.

Also important is to respect the correct tighten torque to fix the spark plugs, therefore always use a torque wrench.

Leaving the spark plugs in the engine for very long intervals, is not a good idea. This is only a commercial competition between manufacturers who try to convince the car owner that his chosen brand has the lowest maintenance costs. First of all, your fuel consumption will increase dramatically once you pass 20.000 km and secondly taking the plugs out after a long interval, will be dangerous, damaging the thread in the cylinder head.


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