Can I put a turbo/supercharger on my car?
You cannot put a turbo or supercharger on an atmospheric engine without following necessary safety modifications :

  • For detonation reasons, the compression ratio cannot be left the same, but must be decreased
  • The pistons have to be cooled with an oil cooling spray
  • The piston clearance has to be bigger and the pistons have to be preferably forged and have a turbo design
  • The cylinderhead gasket must resist on the pressure. If not, it has to be replaced by a stronger one
  • There may be a need for stronger cylinder head bolts
  • Do your conrods, crankshaft and bearings support the higher pressure on the pistons?
  • The inlet air has to be cooled by an intercooler or chargecooler
  • Because of the modification in the lubrification system (piston oil spray, lubrification of the charger) the delivery capacity and oil pressure have to be revised.
  • The electronics have to be modified thoroughly in order to match these modifications securely. Most stock ECU's have no input like boost pressure, so they will not be able to correct the fuel and ignition against the boost in a save way.

If all these modifications have not been done, there is no possibility to put a pressure higher than 0.2 à 0.3 bar, which certainly will not give you more power gain than a good atmospheric conversion, which is much saver.
We are able to do these conversions, but we have to convert the engine completely as we want to give reliability as stock. Therefore we might be more expensive than some other tuners who don't open the engine at all, which is technical suicide.


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