What about my exhaust system?

With the sport exhaust we can have a power gain if the original one is restrictive.
It requires a lot of experience and testing to find the right exhaust for a specific car. A less restrictive exhaust will automatically make more noice and for this reason may not be always legal.

A special exhaust manifold can give less temperature at the cylinder head and together with a better flow, it can deliver a power gain. If the exhaust is too free, we loose backpressure and thus also torque but we can gain some peak power, so here we also have to choose the best compromise.

Very important for all turbo engines (petrol and diesel) is that a very free and less restrictive exhaust will give you less backpressure and this results in less amount of turbo pressure and loss of torque. So here we also have to choose the best compromise and examine the original exhaust thoroughly where it is too restrictive.


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