Which camshaft is a good one for my engine?
The most important aspect is quality. Buy never a camshaft that is re-profiled from an original one. The manufacturer of that type of camshaft has to reduce the valve lift (less power) and has to choose more degrees. The result is bad idling, bad power in low revolutions and maybe a little gain in high revolutions. The car is certainly not pleasant to drive and most of the time that type of camshaft shows very quick wearing.

The only good type of road tuning camshaft is the one with bigger valve lift and only a little bit more degrees. This results in a good idling and good performance over the whole RPM range. Never allow to lose important power at a certain RPM. The only way to produce such a cam is beginning from blank cams coming from the original car manufacturer that have to be completely profiled. This is the way we proceed.

Be certain that the camshafts you put in, matches the right valve springs, valve retainers, tappets and allow enough freedom between the valves and pistons.

Camshafts for hydraulic tappets don't have the same profile as the one for mechanical tappets. Hydraulic tappets don't need to be adjusted, but don't allow very high revolutions. Also important is to change the hydraulic tappets by new ones, when you change the camshaft(s), certainly on already high mileage engines, because the old tappets can start to make noise.

If you have mechanical tappets, the valve clearance has to be correct and regularly controlled.

Most new cars have variable timing and/or lift systems for the camshafts. This can be variable at a certain RPM and load or even continuous variable. Be aware that the chosen camshaft is build to allow and work with variable cam timing. 

In the near future, some car manufacturers will launch a new system that allows the directly computer controlled valve lift and valve timing without camshaft. This is the ideal solution, because for the moment with the mechanical parts, we always have to make a compromise.

General advice :

ROAD : +/- 256°->276°

RALLY : +/- 280°->290°

RACE : +/- 300->320°



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