What about the airbox?
An airbox will give you certainly a better breathing by accumulating extra air when the throttle is reopened. So we will certainly have a considerable power- and torque gain.

Unfortunately not every ECU can manage this modification, because we have to let the airflow-/air-mass-sensor away to obtain a gain. Most of the ECU's use these sensors for their basic calculations. If we absolutely want to use such an original ECU, we need to install an extra electronic box which is called Alpha-n box. This box converts the throttle position signals in an a way that the ECU admits it as being an air mass signal or we have to use another and proper ECU to make this conversion. In any case this engine has to be mapped on an engine dyno. For road applications we have to take the emission rules in mind.

Some tuners do this conversion without using one of these two methods. In this case the ECU will run in security, and cannot allow good power results.


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