Air Filter

Why do I have to use another air filter?
The advantages of a good sport air filter are :
* You don't need to change the filter but only clean & oil it with the right products
* The sport air filter filtrates at least as well as the original but has a better airflow
* Due to this better airflow you will get more power and torque
* It works well in combination with other tuning parts where you need more air
* The more revolutions the engine makes, the more power gain we have.  For a diesel that doesn't revolve as high, the gain is not so important, but the other advantages are more important.
* You have replacement air filters and what we call direct filters. Normally direct filters can give you more power, but only when the aspirated air is cold. So we have to secure that the hot air coming from the fan, radiator or engine is isolated from the filter.


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