Engine Tuning

What is engine tuning?

Engine tuning is a term used to give more power and torque to an engine. It can be done in different ways.

A petrol engine works like an air pump. The more air the engine can pump, the more power and torque the engine delivers.
The different ways to achieve that are :
1. More engine capacity (more cc)
2. Better breathing on the inlet side (air filter, inlet manifold etc...)
3. Other camshaft(s) with more lift and degrees than the original one(s)
4. More revolutions (think at a Formula one engine that revolves more than 17000 rpm)
5. More pressure on a turbo- or supercharged engine.
6. Cooling the air, especially for turbo- or supercharged engines, will increase the air density and allow more air in the cylinders.

When an engine has a better breathing, it is important that the exhaust doesn't restrict the power gain that we achieved. If necessary, we have to replace the exhaust with a better one.
Important is that the right air/fuel ratio and the curves of ignition are matching these modifications in order to get good results of power and torque.
A diesel engine works in a similar way, but here we don't need to have the right air/fuel ratio to get maximum power. The difference is that until a certain point, more fuel will give more power and torque.


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