What is the difference in chip tuning between Kempower and most others?
Your 2 first questions are certainly:
  • Why are other tuners sometimes cheaper?
  • Why does it take much more time to do car at Kempower than somewhere else, 4 to 8 hours instead of 1 hour?

Our answers:

  • CHECKING THE CAR BEFORE AND AFTER TUNING: We test every car on the dyno to be sure that the car is originally OK. If the car is not OK, we don't start the tuning.
    If this diagnose has not been done prior to tuning, you are not able to know if the car is OK. Tuning a car that is not 100% OK, makes no sense, but happens in some other tuning companies.
    Complaining afterwards about the performance of the car, these companies will always answer that there was already something wrong with the car. The tuner will not help you, but the dealer will not do it also, denying there was a problem before tuning. As a result, you have no case & the car must be repaired at you own cost.
    We also do the test on the dyno after the tuning to prove our results to the customer.

  • INDIVIDUAL TUNING: We do every car individually on the dyno to be sure that the promised result will be achieved. We install all the necessary tools to be able to do this correctly. Without individual tuning, it is impossible to guarantee the results. The dyno tests and the individually programming take more time but are included in the price.

  • RESPECT TO AND FROM OFFICIAL DEALERS: We get respect from official car dealers, because we respect also their job in all their aspects. They must be able to do diagnostics, the same way they did originally without having problems to identify and work on the car. If you charge the dealer with your problems, it is normally that he will be opposed to tuning.

  • WE ALWAYS START FROM AN ORIGINAL PROGRAM: For this reason we always read out the original program of the car and start from that program to do the modifications. Since there are a lot of different programs and updates for one type of car, it takes time to translate it. For example, you have update number "4" on your car, we will write a program based on your original program with update "4". This takes time to prepare, but the next time that you go to the official workshop, the dealer will find the same update of software as linked to that car and VIN number. The most recent cars are linked through internet with the factory, the update versions are always checked.
    If this doesn't correspond with the databank of the factory, YOU WILL LOOSE FACTORY WARRANTY !!!

  • TIME TO DO THE TUNING: The tuning companies who can do it in more or less one hour, are not able to start from your original program to do the modification. Most of the time, they are only a dealer from... and they cannot translate it themselves, so if they have to send the software to the main company, it should take two times more, than with Kempower. Therefore, in most cases they think to have a good tuned program for a certain cars and everybody with such a car gets the same software, without respecting your original version and update version and also without doing it individually on the dyno.

  • EXPERIENCE AND SELF MADE PROGRAMS: Because we are really the first chip tuner in the world since 1971, we have done everything ourself and can do everything custom made, individual tuning correctly made for the need of your car and compatible with the dealer's program.

  • AFTER SALES SERVICE: Only a tuned car with a 100% approval from us leaves our shop.  Once you have a job done here, you get a lifetime support, . We want that all our customers to stay happy, coming back to us to tune their next car. Even outside warranty period, we will give the service to help the customer if a problem occurred and even when (most of the time) our tuning is not the cause. We help the customer, advise him what to do and, if necessary, bring him in contact with one of our specific relations to be sure that the problem will be solved.

  • QUALITY AND SAFE PRODUCTS: This makes the difference when you choose quality and technically safe solutions. Therefore, in some cases, we might be more expensive at first glance, but safe you money in the end. The choice is yours.



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