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During all the years of building racing cars & performance tuning, I had many projects in mind for developing electronics, solving many small & larger problems when modifying modern & classic cars.

With all my assembled experience, I decided to build standalone electronic add-on devices enabling to take cars under control.

This led to the start of a new division within Kempower : KempoTronic.

I registered the name "KempoTronic" (= Kempynck + electronics) for these electronic devices.

Made in West-Flanders - Belgium :

These electronic devices, including the hardware, software and wire looms are invented, engineered, developed and produced completely here in-house.
Even the enclosures are 3D-printed in-house.

All the hardware components are particularly selected with automotive application approval, supporting wide temperature ranges and big vibrations. We only use the best available hardware brands on the market, for the electronic components as well as for connectors, relays, fuses, wires etc...

Applications :

Depending on the application, the KempoTronic stand-alone devices will be able to :
- read and modify existing signals
- simulate signals
- drive different actuators
- test signals / actuators
- or any combinations of the points above

Most applications are built for cars with a 12V main battery with negative ground, NOT for cars with a 6V main battery and NOT for cars with positive ground batteries.

Currently, I have 45 different main group projects in development and I will launch them one by one after they will pass all severe tests.

The goal is to supply these devices through our professional dealers (workshops, service stations and tuners) with our new B2B Webshop www.kempotronic.com, because the installation needs some basic car electronics knowledge and some basic tools to be able to fit and tune these devices correctly.

Our dealers will also be able to update the devices with the latest software when necessary.

For more information, visit our new website www.kempotronic.com


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