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UNIVERSAL ENGINE Products Engine - Diesel Fuel additives


technical info package quantity Kempower NR
see part info canister 1.5 litre E3PD-UN-9MDUCTE1-C

DIESEL - Fuel additives - MARLY - ULTRA CLEANER TURBO & EXHAUST - 1.5 litre

CODE: 16420

Price: 76.00 (VAT excluded)

Is the professional product which enables the cleaning of the turbo, the variable geometry, the catalytic converter and the particle filter, without disassembling. Its concentrated formula is based on nanotechnological active components that will eliminate soot form the variable turbo geometry, catalytic converter and particle filter.
Ultra Turbo & Exhaust Cleaner is suitable for all types of diesel injections: common-rail, piezo or classic (HDI, DCI, TDC, TDI...) and unit pump injectors, with or without particle filter.

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